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We offer comprehensive, web-enabled and end-to-end services from within our many areas of expertise.
Our mission is to help our customers manage change and transform.
Serve All's ability to evolve and be flexible to a dynamic business world.
Business Services

Serve All offers customized business services that match international standards in terms of precision and timely execution. With expertise in processing large volumes of data required by major corporate and government organizations, our suite of business services includes:

  • Transaction Processing Services
  • HR Services
  • Customer Interaction Services

Serve All has a state-of-the art offshore delivery center in Hyderabad and Chennai, India. Designed for 24x7 deliveries, the centers in India are located in independent buildings with an area of 30,000 square feet housing 700 people. Serve All has also initiated the development of additional facilities both at Hyderabad and Chennai with an estimated area of 70,000 square feet to cater to its growing customers' business needs.

The delivery centers are equipped with the best-of-the-breed hardware setup using Nortel, CISCO, and Net gear systems. With high speed internet leased circuits for data access, the centers also have dedicated point-to-point satellite based internet private direct communication lines to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout USA, Canada and India. With built-in redundancies for uninterrupted operations, Serve All has well defined disaster recovery and business continuity strategies in place.

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